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Online Reflectance Measurement

Providing continuous reflectance measurement to monitor the color of manufactured products, the CMTS-5000 is a color management monitoring instrument that enables long term stable monitoring at the coloring process of the continuous production line for papers, steel plates, films and more. Spectral reflectance of the products is processed and displayed on the computer. On the monitor, the spectral distribution graph, color difference values or deviated color judgment graph are displayed for easy visualization and understanding. The system can be configured to alert the operator is the systems exceeds a tolerance threshhold.

The instrument consists of the light source, sensor and receptor specifically designed to be insensitive to the vibration or temperature often present at the manufacturing site. Furthermore, our original system for the spectral, receptor, double beam and accurate auto-calibration procides up excellent reliability.

Please contact us to arrange on-site installation.


  • Color management of tinted papers or dyed textiles and combination with color correction retreatment
  • Coloring management of the tinted plastics and films
  • Management for the color measurement of the tinted steel sheets and construction materials


Illumination and Viewing conditions

Bidirectional irradiation at 45°/normal

Measurement area

Diameter 25mm circular

Light source

Halogen lamp 12V/100W

Dispersion element

Concave diffraction grating

Light receiving method



Silicon photodiode array




1 minute interval

Power requirement

100V AC ±5%, 50/60Hz, 600VA


Body:L520×W445×H520mm/24kg                     Sensor unit: L220×W320×H330mm/10kg

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