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Goniometric (spectral)

Goniometric (photometric)


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Spectrophotometric Hazemeter

The HSP-150Vis and HSP-150VIR, with spectroscopic capability, are designed to measure transmittance and haze value per wavelength as well as the color value and yellowness. The haze meters are set up in a vertical configuration, allowing the user to easily measure a wide range of the sample shapes and sizes.


Highly functional film related to solar cells, automobiles, building materials, touch panels and LED. Assessment of Haze on Glass with wavelength dependence.


 Instrument Designation

HSP-Vis(For Visible area) /HSP-VIR( For From Visible to Near-Infrared)

Measuring object

Light transmissible materials

such as plastics, films, glass and liquid

Sample size

Max 300×380mm

Specimen table size

L 380×W300mm

Height of Specimen space

Approx. 100mm

Integrating Sphere

150mm diameter with BaSO4 coating

Measuring Light flux

Incident port: 20mm dia.

Light Flux:Dia.14mm

Light Source   

Halogen Lamp   Lamp Life 2000 hr nominal

Wavelength range for measurement

HSP-150Vis: 380 to 780 nm,

HSP-VIR:   380 to 1600 nm

Wavelength interval for output

1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 nm interval

Measurement Item

Total light transmittance  {Tt(τt)},

Diffuse transmittance  {Td(τd)}

Haze(haze value) and Parallel light transmittance  {Tp(τp)}

Spectral Transmittance, Specifying color values

Optical System

Conforms to ISO14782, JIS K7136 for

haze measurement

ISO13468-1, JIS K 7361 for Total Transmittance

JIS Z 8722 for Color measurement

JIS K 7373 for Yellowness

Computer Interface



L 400×W340×H555 mm


Approximately 24 kg

Power Requirement

100V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Approx. 400VA


These instruments, with a black curtain as attached per photo, is able to measure the center of the specimen with its dimensions up to 450mm×450mm.

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