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GMX-102 and GMX-203

Portable Gloss Meters

With a convenient shoulder-type easily to carry, these instruments have smaller size and lighter weight than previous products. Since the instrument can use both AC and DC as power supply (with using built-in rechargeable batteries), it can be used both indoor and outdoor without any problems.These instruments also conform to the international standards, including JIS and ASTM etc.

GMX-102 has great maneuverability because of its cordless pattern. It is only used for the measurement of 60º.

GMX-203 has three available measurement angles, 60º, 20º and 75º. All of these three measurement modes have outstanding measurement accuracy and reliability.


  • Managing and measuring the gloss properties of color materials, such as painting and printing surfaces, or paints
  • Managing the surface gloss properties of polymer materials, such as synthetic resin, or rubber
  • Managing the gloss properties of unprocessed or processed metal surfaces
  • Quality management of processed paper or synthetic paper, etc.
  • Managing the polishing degree of stone material surfaces
  • Surface examination of tiles or porcelains
  • Maintenance management of automobiles, aircraft or storage tanks, etc.
  • Measuring the gloss degradation of the samples (on the testing site) used in the weatherproofing test
  • Quality management of the surfaces of Braun tubes (CRTs) or displays

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