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AvianGroupUSA is the exclusive representative of Murakami Color Research Laboratories in the United States, the balance of North and South America, as well as Europe. We sell and service all of the products listed at left, and in many cases will come to your facility for installation and training, included the purchase price of the instrument. For more details, read about our purchase and installation process.

Murakami has been one of Japan's premiere instrument manufacturers for over 50 years. Their product line includes devices designed to measure various optical properties including reflectance, transmittance, haze, and gloss. Their flagship products are goniometric, which accurately measure color or photopic properties as a function of incident and detection angle, as well as sample rotation and flop.

The set of instruments can be grouped into several general categories. All quantify some aspect of optical properties of materials. In a general sense, all of these measurements direct incident light onto or through a sample, and then detect some portion of the light that reflects off, or is transmitted through the sample. By carefully controlling the geometry of these radiometric analyses, many properties can be quantified.

Goniometric Instruments measure optical properties as a function of incident and detection angles. These measurements are critical for goniochromatic samples, some of which are known as pearlescents, effects pigments, or gonio-apparent materials.
Color Instruments measure spectral reflectance or transmittance using conventional measurement geometries.
Gloss Instruments measure specular reflection. These are not color measurements, but still very critical to the appearance of surfaces.
Haze Instruments measure specific types of transmittance or translucence.
Online Systems are designed for high-speed measurements in production environments.

AvianGroupUSA brings a dedicated team together for all your needs relating to the specification and operation of optical properties measurement. We look forward to working with you and helping determine the best solution for your business process.

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