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We are delighted to introduce the light measurement community to a fresh and dynamic concept in design and development Avian Optical and Spectroscopy Group is a consortium of individual experts and small companies who offer decades of practical experience in applications spanning a wide variety of light measurement needs. As a consortium, we operate much differently than conventional industrial research and development. We specialize in rapid turnaround projects and in getting things 'right the first time'. We realize this by providing immediate and direct communication with our customers, and by assembling a custom team of skilled professionals to focus on the specific project requirements. The Group operates with high efficiency by the flexible use of dedicated resources, each maintaining a low overhead, and with minimal 'red tape' using modern digital technology. The group is distributed over much of the United States, connected by phone, fax, the Internet, and other shared resources.


Avian Group offers design and development of systems and subsystems for the measurement of transmittance, reflectance, radiance, irradiance, color, fluorescence, imaging- if you can imagine it, one or more of our group has designed systems to do the measurement. We also offer custom development of coatings and materials for spectroscopic and reflectance standards and applications. We offer a broad variety of support staff- a prototype machine shop, electrical design, optical instrument design, software development pertaining to light measurement, measurement systems for reflectance, transmittance, and color, just to name a few. We can also provide small run production for systems we design and develop.

Training Services

The members of Avian Group are also some of the best known speakers and trainers in the industry in fields as diverse as reflectance spectroscopy, color and appearance measurement, safety and signal lighting, coatings and materials, and instrument design. Every Avian Group member is a very active participant in societies such as ASTM, SAE, ISCC, CORM, SAS, AATCC, CIE, ISO, SDC, and others. Avian Group offers customized training to your employees complete with presentations and printed manuals.
Click here to see a list of seminars offered by AvianGroupUSA.


AvianGroupusa is proud to act as the North American distributor for Murakami Color Research Laboratory. Murakami, started in 1956, is one of the world's oldest producer of instruments for the measurement of color and appearance. Murakami is known for their innovation in multi-angle and goniospectrophotometric measurements and their high quality. In addition, on line instrumentation for the measurement of color and gloss are available as both standard and custom applications.
AvianGroupusa will also provide service support for all Murakami instruments through their service arm, Mono Instruments of Ottawa, Canada. Mono Instruments offers over 25 years of experience in the service of spectrophotometers and other scientific instrumentation.

We also distribute the full line of products from Zehntner Testing Instruments.

Services and Support

Aside from the skills offered by the principals in the consortium, Avian Group supports a variety of services that go along with its mission of developing state of the art instrumentation.
  • Prototype Machine Shop
  • Measurement Services (UV-Vis-NIR through Avian Technologies, Color/Multi-Angle through Richard W. Harold)
  • Artifact standards for transmittance, reflectance, and fluorescence through Avian Technologies
  • Software Development for color and spectrophotometry (though Color and Appearance Consulting)
  • Small run manufacturing
  • Scale up and cost control through design analysis

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We would like to thank you for taking the time to review what we feel is an exciting new concept in optoelectronic and spectrophotometric services. If you have any questions, please call, write, or e-mail us. We look forward to being of service to you.

Art Springsteen Ph.D.
Group Leader
Avian Group USA
email: arts@aviangroupusa.com
Voice: 603-526-2420
Fax: 603-526-2729

Capabilities Training Services Representation &
Services &
Meet the People

Avian Optics and Spectroscopy Group